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Corporate What Is It?

Depending on the size of the audience and the required content, programs will run in different formats. From 60-minute keynotes to four-hour workshops, from online webinars to hybrid learning solutions. The program targets female and male leaders, from entry-level employees to senior level executives, usually in customer-facing roles or on the path to become the leaders they deserve to be.

Executive Branding and Business Etiquette

Executive Branding and Business Etiquette

For corporate events, conferences, conventions, women initiatives, universities in the Toronto and GTA area.

Customized workshops may include:

  • The importance of a positive first impression- Boosts of the bottom line of any career or business.
  • Cultural Business Etiquette- Leading and managing in an international environment how to assemble high-performance teams.
  • Looking good is great but not sufficient. Exploring other factors relevant to professional imprint (e.g., body language, business etiquette skills, and communication, both offline and online).

When it comes to corporate workshops and seminars, we work on a high level of customization to ensure you get the most value of what your companies’ objectives are. Therefore, we require a minimum 6 months advance notice so that we can work closely coordinating this event and looking at calendar availability.

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